DC Adult and Family Literacy Coalition’s Advocacy Day at the Wilson Center

DC Adult and Family Literacy Coalition’s Advocacy Day at the Wilson Center   

Monday, September 22, 2014 marked the beginning of the DC Adult and Family Literacy Coalition’s (DC-AFLC) ‘Literacy Week,’ with the theme of ‘Making Connections.’ On Wednesday, Advocacy Day, DC Residents were able to make connections with each other, but more importantly, with City Councilmembers and staff.

On a cool, breezy morning, Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, had long lines of DC Adult Learners and Residents on the steps of the Wilson Building, all waiting to get their voices heard. “I’ve been to the Wilson Building many times before to advocate for our rights, but this was my first time advocating for adult education,” said Southeast Ministry learner and Ward 8 resident, Diane Crews-Wilson, “I was excited to see the number of participants and staff from other programs in the city, it feels good to know other people have our backs, we’re all in this together.”

The event began with a panel discussion about adult literacy, highlighting some of the different organizations in the District who work to improve adult literacy. The panel gave the learners the chance to ask specific questions about the respective organizations, as well as information on properly voicing concerns to city Councilmembers. This was followed by an opportunity for the event attendees to split into groups, by wards, in order to speak directly with City Councilmembers. Although Councilmember Marion Barry was unavailable, Ward 8 residents were able to speak directly with one of Barry’s staff members. “I enjoyed it, we weren’t here looking for handouts, we were looking for a handup,” said Crews-Wilson.

On Friday, September 26, DC-AFLC will end ‘Literacy Week’ with the ‘Big Tent Meeting,’ which will be held from 9:00-11:00 AM at the Thurgood Marshall Center in Northwest.

For information regarding donating to Southeast Ministry, our programs, or volunteering, please visit www.southeastministry.org, or call 202-562-2636.

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